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Aziza Healing Adventures retreats are journeys towards self-knowledge. Our holistic combination of physical activities, creative expression, refection, journal writing, relaxing fun and stunning natural settings create fresh and inspiring opportunities that lead to life improvement.

Our programs are ideal for:


dreaming of a relaxing respite from family/work obligations
needing time to reflect and find clarity
longing to be nurtured and restore their depleted spirit
seeking the camaraderie of kindred souls


experiencing a relationship challenge
desiring deeper understanding and compassion
wanting to improve relating and communication styles
searching for true emotional intimacy and connection


seeking a meaningful life
feeling bored, stuck or stressed, and ready for positive change
wanting to enhance their self-image and esteem
ready to explore a new life/career direction
Choose from an exciting selection of Holistic Wellness Adventure Retreats: CALENDAR OF RETREATS