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When was the last time you got out of your head long enough to actually see? In our Art & Therapy workshops you get to express yourself with a medley of art materials such as paint, clay, collage and found objects.

Imagine abandoning yourself to non-verbal communication through colour, shape, and texture. In small group discussions and using simple Gestalt therapy techniques, we explore the jewels of insight you’ve just excavated through your creation.

Gestalt therapy focuses on your awareness of being right here right now, and your ability to respond authentically. Can you use some entertaining practice? Aziza’s instructor, Laila Ghattas, will guide the class in Expressive Art projects that will unveil new ways of looking at yourself and your way of being.

No previous art-making experience is necessary. Just bring an open mind and art making attire and a sense of adventure. Aziza’s workshops and classes are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Click here to read a workshop review.

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Workshop leader, Laila Ghattas is an artist and Gestalt therapist and facilitates personal growth Art & Therapy workshops, classes and retreats worldwide.

Here’s what’s been said about our Art & Therapy workshops and classes:

“Working with Laila and the arts to continue my self realization is Truly Madly Deeply a gift that I am so grateful for. I have done two workshops now and would recommend anyone who is looking for self insight to join her for an evening of fun and challenge!”

“To be shown that what we create in our ART has so much to say to about who we are and what is going on in our present lives is incredible. Laila has the gift to interpret what we have created to an “alarming” accuracy that still amazes me.”



Creatively explore what holds you back from having the kind of relationship you desire. Designed for solo individuals, siblings, parents/children and couples. This is a life altering two-day workshop held in Toronto 10:30 – 4:30. Some packages include private therapy sessions. Space for 8 participants. Click here for details


If you’d like to upgrade to a private two day workshop as a couple, family or individual we can schedule this on a weekend or a series of evenings.

The great advantage of investing in a private workshop is it can be tailored to your exact needs. You have freedom to explore any issue openly, and improve your relationship with one on one professional attention.